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Heat generation, wear, abrasion – the profile surfaces of wheel discs are daily exposed to enormous loads. In order not to turn small errors into major effects, they must be tested regularly. Only this way, the component condition can be determined, possible damages can be detected and countermeasures can be taken in due time.

Thanks to the most modern laser technology, optical measurements are also carried out within thousandths of a millimetre and with high repeat accuracy. The precise coordination of measuring unit and wheelset is of decisive importance. The measuring systems from bip technology GmbH have proven their worth for more than two decades.


Automatic wheel profile measuring system at the train entering the depot

The stationary measuring device is used to measure different parameters on mounted wheelsets during the passing over of the device with self-driving of the trains. Thus, the condition of the wheel sets is continuously monitored and preventive measures for necessary repairs can be derived.


Railway Wheelset Measuring Machine

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The wheelset measuring Stand (WSMS) is designed for the measuring of dismantled rolling stock and locomotive wheelsets.

The aim of the measurement is the dimensional final inspection of each finished wheelset or a pre-measurement of individual wheelsets. The coordinate measuring machine has a special design and is equipped with an optical laser measuring system.

 Fully automatic axle measuring device

The Axle Measuring Machine (AMM) from bip has been developed for the quality control of geometry of railway axles. It is used at axle manufacturer, or in wheelset workshops to check the condition of axles and also to qualify diameters for pairing with wheels, bearings, gear boxes etc.

Optical measuring of wheelsets, of all common parameters in mounted and dismounted conditions


Wheelset diagnostic station - or checking the specified maintenance levels (IS) 0-4 in the refurbishment



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