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Who wants to ensure the highest quality for his wheelsets must also apply special standards for maintenance and handling. bip technology stands for special auxiliary equipment and automated monitoring transport systems which take into account the dead load and unhandiness of wheelsets.

Transport system for wheelsets

Wheelset lifting table

The purpose of the Wheelset Lifting table is to lift the wheelset to an ergonomic height for doing manual works as visual controls and measurement or to assembly or disassembly bearings etc. 


Wheelset lift and turn table

The wheelset lifting & turn table is mainly used to lift wheelset to an ergonomic working height for assembling bearings or other works.

Cross conveyor

The cross conveyor can automatically space wheelsets to different lanes. It is controlled by motor drive, by sensors of the line control or selection key by the operator.

Wheelset turntable to change the direction

The purpose of the wheelset turn table is to change the moving direction of the wheelset within the workshop. Often are used several table for example to move a wheelset from one track to the other.

Multiple storage and floor storage for the storage of wheelsets

This is one of the most frequently used elements for stopping wheelsets, advancing wheelsets, holding wheelsets and storing wheelsets in front of automated machines.

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