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Whether inspection work or painting measures - the basis for any form of further processing of wheelsets is their comprehensive cleaning from dirt, rust and old paint. In order for subsequent ultrasonic testing or repainting to take place, they must be cleaned of paint residues, rust and mechanical damage.



High-Pressure-Water-Blast Plant    

The applicable flexible technology enables a material-friendly nonabrasive cleaning or de-coating with the help of the robot-supported high-pressure water blast method of railway wheelsets and bogies. Water nozzles are driven along the contour of the wheelset with rotated water jet and pressure up to 2.500 bar in a robot-controlled way and are thus able to reach the entire surface of the wheelset without to modify the wheelset surface.

Further reworking will no longer be required. A successful replacement of physically demanding and time-consuming is proven. This innovative process has been used for the first time worldwide in the automated application and creates a time-and resource-saving solution, increases the process reliability and favours the conversion to the requirements of “Industry 4.0”. 


Automatic axle and wheelset cleaning machine     

The automatic cleaning systems from bip technology operate fully automatically, then pass the wheelsets on for further processing and are equipped with a high-quality dust extraction system to protect against explosive hazards. The plant also serves to roughen the wheelsets for repainting. The grinding machine can be used to grind pre-programmed axles on wheelsets or, depending on the machine configuration, to grind loose axles.

Automatic wheelset painting plants and axle impact protection plants

Whether for new production or reworking of the wheelsets, painting plants or impact protection coating plants are required. With the impact protection coating plant, wheelset axles can be coated with 2 K polyurea systems. Painting systems can be used for 1K, 2K, as well as water and solvent-containing coating materials. 

Automatic wheelset painting plant with robot technology   

bip technology has many years of experience with the painting of wheelsets. From manual to fully automatic, robot-controlled systems with the complete application technology, filter and drying plant, we design the specific solution for your wheelsets and also commission it.

Impact protection plant for wheelset axles    

Protect your waves from gravel/stone impact at higher speeds or in tunnels.

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