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1991Foundation as an engineering company for mechanical engineering under „Büro für Industrieplanung Dipl.-Ing. Pieper und Partner GmbH“
1996Foundation of BIP-Industrietechnik GmbH as an mechanical engineering Company, 25 employees at that time
1997Start of the product development for special machines for the maintenance of railway wheel sets
1998First prototypes for automatic, non-destructive material testing of railway wheel sets 
1998Moving into our own company office building with a small workshop
2005Several product references in the German market, mainly by DB AG
2007Start of significant exports, among others China, Easteurope,
Expansion of the product range
2012Start of the construction of a new assembly hall at the existing company premises
2012Winner of the Future Prize of IHK Ostbrandenburg
2013Start of usage of the enlarged business premises consisting of an assembly hall and additional office and social facilities, 45 employees
2013Start of the business development in the area of degreasing tehnologies by means of the patented method of dry-degreasing
2014Award of Top-Innovator (Best Top 100)
2015Highest order income from DB AG in the history of the company (3,8 Mio. EUR)
2016BIP celebrates 25th company anniversary

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